Ohhh m totally crazy…yet I wud go to the finer details n analyse each and every aspect.M the most confusing girl n sometimes I dun tend to understand myself.
Completely self obsessed.Still before doin nythin ,I wud think over the implication it wud have on others.My family means the world to me and I luv them to death.

M fond of happiness.Its really difficult for me to survive without bein happy.I luv kids be it the dog’s or the goat’s or the cat’s or the homo sapien’s…m crazy bout them. My mood has no bounds…it sways lyk nythin n m completely moody.
Talkin to myself ,I can’t resist n dats my best tym pass(probably the reason y I sleep late n always late for the class…lol).

I’m not perfect n I dun try to be: I talk sense, I dun tend to be fake, & I do think I’m better than some people.
That’s me – that’s how I am & I’m real enough to admit that; but overall; I’m a real sweet girl.

If things dun go the way I lyk…I do become aggressive n lose my patience. I have my dreams which are endless but they always stand my prority.

I’m extremely stubborn! If I m playing wid bricks..I vil build that castle ol by myself no mattr how long it takes.
I’ve made mistakes, plenty of them actually & to this day? I don’t regret a single one. Those mistakes made me who I am today….  n hence it goes the



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