a Page fr0m my d|ary..

Three years back never thought our departure would be so sore and would give this deep pang of pain to me.
Time passed by and I dint realize when I had become so closely knit to you all.Tried a lot to keep distance but farther I went, the closer I came.


Never thought those stupid names,weird actions,sudden kicks,perpetual chats and incessant teasing would be missed so badly.Everything tangled and now words fail to explain those inexplicable feelings.All I am left with, are those memories.


When things were understood without being said.Who will understand my unspoken words now?
When not a moment went by without me abusing you guys. Who will I abuse now?
When not a moment went by without checking hot girls and sexy guys. With whom will I check guys?
When not a moment went by without you forcing me for a party.With whom will I party now?
When not a moment went by without your silly jokes.With whom will I laugh my heart out?
When not a moment went by without your crazy ideas.Who will give ideas now?


Those moments will always be treasured deep inside and will be remembered every moment.
Must have been a million of times I wanted to express this feeling of mine ,when I dug this deep in my heart ,found myself in an emotional cauldron, an intricate love for you guys haunting my senses.


Always knew we will part away but never thought it would be so sudden.Well that is life the unexpected should be expected.
May life give you all the happiness and joys and yes there is always going to be an insane person memorizing those days.Wish you all the luck. Enjoy life is waiting.